Surgical Robotics Simulation Training Not Just for Surgeons

Reps from Abbott Labs lined up to try Mimic's dV-Trainer

Sales reps from Abbott Labs lined up to try Mimic’s dV-Trainer. The surgery simulator provided a helpful tool for sales personnel to better understand the equipment used with procedures such as hysterectomies.

Mimic Technologies supported a two day Abbott labs course at the Nicholson Center where sales reps were exposed to a wide range of surgical procedures.

The Abbott Laboratories event was targeted at senior sales representatives that sell pharmacologic agents for the treatment of gynecologic related conditions. The purpose of the event was to expose the representatives to various gynecological surgical inventions and to discuss the pathophysiology related to the various gynecologic disease conditions.

The conference exposed the reps to minimally invasive endoscopic surgery, robotic surgery, and various surgical energy sources used in the surgical treatment of gynecologic conditions. The event also gave the representatives a taste for virtual reality training through their exposure to Mimic’s dV-Trainer, the first simulator to recreate the look and feel of the da Vinci Surgery System. The event stimulated plenty of questions on how surgeons are trained in a robotic platform and how robotics is used in surgical practice (particularly in gynecology).

Prior to the introduction of da Vinci simulation training, the only option for most robotic surgeons was to learn on patients, animals and simple plastic models.

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